International University Student Design Competition

Call for Entry


BDCL Design International Co. Ltd.

North China University of Technology (NCUT)



College of Architecture and Art of NCUT (AANCUT)



ZHANG Wei, Partner, BDCL  

SCOTT Romses, Chief Architect of BDCL / Winner of 2030 Vancouver Challenge Vertical farm Competition  

JIA Dong, Professor of NCUT >/p>

ZHANG Bo, Professor of NCUT



HE Fang, President of BLY Landscape Architecture Planning and Design Institute

President of Editorial Board of Landscape Architecture Journal

WEI Xing, Editor of Architecture Technique Journal

LIUS Ribeiro, Professor and Dean of Superior Institute of Agronomy of UT,Lisbon

YANG Qingping, agronomist and researcher of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

ZHU Li, agronomist and deputy director of Beijing Agricultural Technology Promotion Center

BU Deqing, associate professor of NCUT

FU Fan, associate professor of NCUT


Qualification for participation

The competition is open to all university students (undergraduate or graduate students) of any background. We encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation.  Participants can either take part as individual or as a team. Each team should have   no more than 5 persons. Each team should submit no more than one entry. If an instructor is involved, please specify in the Registration Form. Members of Jury are not allowed to participate the competition. All entries are not allowed to publish before the official release of the competition results, and shall not be the winning or nominated entries for other competitions. The organizing committee is entitled to withdraw and recover honors and prizes obtained by violation of the provisions or unethical behavior.  


Registration form, Design Requirements and all related documents can be downloaded from the competition website and QQ group.



First Prize: RMB10,000 with certificate

Second Prize: RMB5,000 with certificate

Third Prize: RMB2,000 with certificate

Honorable Mention: RMB1,000 with certificate

Participation Award: certificate only

Instructors of winning entries will be rewarded with Certificate of Honor



October, 2015: Registration starts
November 2015: Q&A session
December 31, 2015: Registration deadline
April 15,2016: Deadline for entry submission
May to June 2016: Release of winning entries and Award Ceremony
July to August 2016: Winners Workshop



Step 1: Prepare registration documents

(1)   Scanned copy of student card;
(2)   Scanned copy of student ID or passport;
(3)   Registration form


Step 2: Obtain entry number

Submit the above documents to vf@bdcl.net to obtaina unique entry number which will be used to identify the submitted entry. Entries without entry numbers are not eligible for competition. When registered as a team, at least one team member’s documents in Step 1 need to be submitted in order to be assigned an entry number.


Step 3: Submission

All design deliverables, Amendment to the Final Participants and all related information must be submitted before the deadline for entry submission.

For inquiry, please contact the Organizing Committee: verticalfarming@sina.com


 Attachments for downloading: [Download All]
(Please email to vf@bdcl.net for the full competition materials, if the download link is not work.) 
1. Registration Form [Download]
2. Vertical Farm Design Requirements [Download]
3. Final Entry Form [Download]
4. The design statement template [Download]
5. Declaration of Original Work & Copyright Authorization Download]
6. Submission Requirements [Download]


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Registration e-mail: vf@bdcl.net

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Q&A e-mail: verticalfarming@sina.com


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