The aim of the Vertical Farming is conducting agricultural production in multiplayer urban building with simulated environment. It realizes self-sufficient food and energy supply in cities through an energy processing system. It will greatly improve food supply for the city and change the city scenery.

The competition aims to explore a possible state of human existence in the future under the interaction of three factors, New agriculture, New city, New scenes.

Vertical Farming site selection: Sites within the abandoned Shougang industrial area

The theme of the Vertical Farming design competition: New agriculture, New cities, New scenes.

First, New agriculture: In the world, the land is less and less, more and more houses, with the global decrease of land and the increase of the real estate there is no increase in the amount of land cultivated by farmers, and the world food shortage is a possible scenario

Second, New cities: After the relocation of Shougang large old industrial area, its unique industrial landscape has a special meaning for urban landscape. Under the background of postindustrial civilization, at the foot of the Western Hills of Yongding, Beijing. The construction of three dimensional farms in Shougang Industrial Park will improve Beijing s city image with a unique urban style.

Third, New scenes: From the perspective of the city's big stage, the living drama continues to play. The urban stereo farm is a silent drama, a drama of human creation. The city stage will show a fresh and unusual scene.

Entry Requirements

Student at any level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students) can apply regardless of the professional background.

It’s possible to participate individually or in a group group shall be formed by
    ① No more than 5 students
    ② No more than 3 students from in the same institution
    ③ Members of a group are not limited to the same profession.

The group or individual Need to register within the organizing committee before the registration deadline, in order  to obtain the number of entries, and to access to follow-up guidance and services.

1 or more groups can submit a number of participating programs, the need for each program to apply for the number of 1 entries, that is, the number of 1 entries can only be used to submit a plan to participate in the 1.

No entry fee is required for this competition.


May 2017 Competition openings- contest theme announced- registration begins
October 15, 2017 Registrations deadline
November 1, 2017 competition exchange meetings (expert lectures, competition questions and counseling)
December 15, 2017 Deadline for submission of competition results
March 1, 2018 review results
March 1, 2018 - March 10 finalists announcement
March 30, 2018 awards ceremony, officially announced the winners
Prior to April 15, 2018, British summer design Seminar t related procedures
July 31, 2018 -8 12, 2009 participate in the British summer design Seminar

Attachments for downloading:  

1. Registration Form
2. Vertical Farm Design Requirements
3. Final Entry Form
4. The design statement template
5. Declaration of Original Work & Copyright Authorization
6. Submission Requirements
[Download All]

f1. Urban solid farm race land topography [Download]


First prize: full scholarship to attend the British summer design Seminar (equivalent to RMB 30,000/each)

Second prize: partial scholarship to attend the British summer design seminar (equivalent to RMB 20,000/each)

Third-prize: partial scholarship to attend the British summer design seminar (equivalent of RMB10,000/each)

Prize for Excellence, can be selected in the summer of the year to deepen the design of training courses

All finalists group (including first prize, second prize, third-prize and honorable mention) are awarded with a certificate and a bonus of RMB 1000  for each group

All the teachers in the group will obtain an excellent teacher certificate

Encouragement Award:  an award certificate for promising project

The results submitted to the competition shall not be published in any publications, media, network or similar channels until the results of the review are published; All entries will be deemed to be granted to the competition organizers without the right of authorship; The contest organizer reserves the final right to interpret the events

Members of the Judging Panel 


Zhang Wei, Director of Asia Dept. ,BDCL

Scott Romses, Chief Architect of BDCL (Canada) Winner of Vancouver’s 2030 challenge vertical farm competition

Zhang Bo, Professor of NCUT

Executive Chairman

Pu Deqing, Director of the research center of Vertical Farming of NCUT

Invited judges

Luis Ribeiro, Professor of Superior Institute of Agronomy of UT, Lisbon

Phil Jones, Professor of Cardiff University

Raoul Bunschoten, Professor, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

He Fang, National survey and design master, Beijing Forestry University Professor

Wei Xing, Editor of Architecture Thchnique Journal

Yang Qingwen, Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Zhu Li, Deputy director of Beijing Agricultural Technology Extension Station

Lou Nailin, Chairman of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association pension service facilities Specialized Committee

Cao Lin, President of Chinese Academy of Arts

Wei Yi, Secretary General of China Building Energy Conservation Association roof greening and energy saving Specialized Committee

Fu Fan, Professor of NCUT

Bai Qinpeng, BDCL China Chairman


BDCL International Design Co. Ltd.

NCUT (North China University of Technology)


China Stage Art Society

China Engineering Construction Standardization Association pension service facilities Specialized Committee

China Building Energy Conservation Association roof greening and energy saving Specialized Committee


School of Architecture and Art, NCUT

Official information release:  http://www.bdcl.net/vf/ Official blog:  http://blog.sina.com.cn/litinongchang Official weibo: http://weibo.com/u/2345445390

Official registration e-mail: vf@bdcl.net

Q&A e-mial: verticalfarming@sina.com

Question and answer QQ group: 513228272 or 240643226

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入围作品共15组,含一、二、三等奖和佳作奖,具体获奖名次在颁奖典礼现场公布。颁奖典礼时间2018年 3月30日,地点:北方工业大学。



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